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The Beginning of A-Bomb Apparel Adventures

Friday, August 14, 2015Unknown

Although we absolutely love getting clothes that allow us to allow us to look & feel good inside and out , nothing compared to the excitement we felt when we received our order from  A-Bomb Apparel .  For those who don't know , A-Bomb Apparel is a clothing line that specializes in custom designed activewear that caters to the individual and their personal style.  What make's this idea even more special and is the the fact that each product is 100% hand made by professional skier, X-Games medalist, US Freeskiing Team member, and Olympic hopeful,  Ashley Battersby.  It was only after receiving  our own order of comfortable and self expressive clothes, that Amanda and I knew what we could and had to do.   As we said before, we believe that in order to find  your “wonderland”, you have to develop a balance of self confidence, self expression, curiosity,  creativity, responsibility, selflessness, selfishness, optimism, and logic.  What better way to do it, than to launch a series of photo shoots with a clothing line that inspires the same belief? By launching a photo campaign with A-Bomb Apparel, we not only could bring light to a fun clothing line that promotes self comfort and individuality, but also begin shedding  light on the Wonderful Pioneer behind it. Fashion: A-Bomb Apparel by Ashley Battersby  Author: Athena Gomez-Hipolito Photography: A-Bomb Apparel & Pioneers of Wonderland   

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